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Our small hobby farm is for conservation, education, and a lot of fun!

We live in the middle of the woods along the Shenandoah National Park in Flint Hill, Rappahannock County, Virginia. Our views are spectacular, wildlife is plenty, and we share our home with a variety of livestock including: goats, ducks, chickens, and bees! 

In addition to being a certified trainer and behaviorist, Charlotte is also a certified Shepherd and is in the process of becoming a bee keeper! We have our first hive set up this year, and hope to expand over the next few years. Helping bees and ​harvesting honey is where it's at! 

Our goats and sheep free-range the mountain and help with maintenance of brush and bramble. Bonnie the horse accompanies dogs along walks (yes! Our Border Terriers get to follow on horseback like they were bred to do!). Our chickens and ducks provide fantastic eggs - which we share with friends, family, and neighbors in our hollow. 

The name "DUSKLAND" comes from the gorgeous sunsets we see here. When the earth is warm and the sun is setting - you can see the beautiful glow fading behind the ridge and slip into the dark. It was only natural to name our little homestead as the land of sunsets. 

Runner ducks are the best!

Home raised eggs are so good!

Our goats help with yard maintenance!

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