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Our puppies are raised in our home from the day they are born until the day they go to their forever homes. As soon as pups begin to move around, we begin toilet training to artificial turf in the whelping box. By about 4 weeks of age, puppies receive access to the outdoors for potty training. Socialization is instilled throughout the pups early life with regular visits from kids and friends, exposure to other dogs and livestock, handling desensitization, and environmental enrichment. Our puppies learn about crate training from 6 weeks of age onwards. We generally incorporate Early Neuro-stimulation (ENS) to help with neurological development, and exercises from the Puppy Culture program to help encourage confident pups. We take great pride in how we raise our pups! 

Puppies will be available after 8 weeks of age. We generally reserve a two week window for pickup. We require all owners to pick up their puppy in person, or have a puppy nanny accompany the dog home. We do NOT ship dogs via freight. 


Our puppies receive regular de-worming at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. They will also have their first Distmeper/Parvo vaccine and are inspected by our vet prior to departure. All pups leave with a puppy care packet which includes: reading materials, folder with photos, copy of the pedigree, and contract, AKC registration paperwork, and parent info, food dispensing toys, collar, leash, treats, and chews. 


I require that all our progeny receive OFA health testing (regardless of pet or show home). Testing all the dogs allows me to make responsible decisions in the breeding program and ensures I have as much information as possible on what's behind my lines. I find it my obligation to future owners and the breed as a whole to help minimize the occurrence of hereditary conditions. All owners agree to have their dog's OFA tests completed between 12-18 months of age. 

Pet prospects will be placed on a spay/neuter contract with limited registration (no breeding rights). Official registration will be transferred once health testing is complete, and I receive a proof of spay or neuter from your veterinarian. I advise owners to alter their dogs no younger than 1 year, and no later than 2 years of age. 

I factor in veterinary expenses, time spent raising the litter, training, and average pricing within the breed when I set cost. I am NOT a large kennel, and breed for myself and for the betterment of the breed. Puppies are $3,500. We do not believe it is ethical to charge varying rates based on sex or color (this is a common red flag for back yard breeders). Our aim is to provide owners with a quality companion and all our pups are given the same love and attention before going to their forever homes. 

As a responsible breeder, I stand behind every dog I produce. If, under any circumstances, the owner is unable to keep their dog, we will happily take the dog back. Under no circumstances will dogs be allowed to transfer ownership or be relinquished to a shelter/rescue. 


  • Puppies will have been raised with extensive socialization

  • Puppies will have started toilet training 

  • Puppies will have started crate training 

  • Puppies will have started recall, sit, stand, and lead walking

  • Puppies will be examined by a veterinarian 

  • Puppies will have had first shots and deworming

  • Puppies will be AKC registered 

  • Owners will receive puppy training materials 

  • Owners will receive puppy welcome back with toys, chews, and information 

  • Owners will receive updates on puppies via photo, video, etc 

  • Owners will have lifetime support  

  • Owners will receive a contract with each puppy

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