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I remember sitting in my friend's living room at a very young age browsing through an Eye Witness book of dog breeds. I marveled at the hundreds of images of pure bred dogs. I believe this is where my love for pedigree dogs began. I memorized breed, size, country of origin, alternate names. I loved learning about dogs and dog history. 

I started my journey in pure-bred dogs while living abroad in England from 2008-2012. I had the pleasure of owning my very own pedigree English Toy / Toy Manchester Terriers (from the renowned Witchstone Kennel), which I showed and loved. They were the perfect dog for the city - and two of them are still seniors with us today! One even placed first in the Post Graduate class at Crufts! I finished my first AKC CH Toy Manchester in 2013 (Ch Bonwild Rainsong Day Dreamer), one year after returning to America. 

After moving back stateside in 2012, I began researching other Terrier breeds that would be suitable for my new life - living on top of a hill in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Rappahannock County, Virginia. I wanted a good all around farm dog, and fell in love with the American Staffordshire Terrier. I have taken dogs to multiple Best of Breeds wins, Terrier group placements, Owner-Handler Group placements and performance titles (Rally Obedience, Dock Diving, Tricks, CGC, FCAT, Nosework, etc). 

As our Toy Manchesters became seniors, we started researching other small Terrier breeds, and immediately fell in love with the Border Terrier. They are a nice moderate Terrier that should be keen, but comparable to other Terriers, fairly biddable and affectionate. We were honored to receive our foundation dogs from Jim and Laura Harvey prior to their retirement from breeding. Agnes, Clyde, and Quinley all bring something to the table.

While living in England, I worked on my universities sheep farm, and became a certified shepherd. With the expansion of our dog training business, and ability to keep livestock on the property, I considered multiple herding breeds and narrowed it down to the Smooth Collie. We were lucky and thankful to Steph of Vintage Collies to allow us to have Sperry! 

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